Welcome to the official community forest atlas and database of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which allows easy access to up-to-date information on the attribution and management of Concessions Forestières des Communautés Locales (CFCLs).

This database supports the national strategy on community forests which aims to promote, by consensus, community forestry that is implemented in a transparent and controlled manner between different stakeholders, through a phased approach and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Specifically, it is intended to support oversight of community forest processes in the provinces by consolidating critical information on their location, origination, composition and management regime. In this beta version, users will be able to search for and access accurate information on CFCLs across DRC, including accurate maps and other legally required documents. Further development of the site will enable decentralised administrations, which hold most of the executive functions in relation to community forest attribution and management, to remotely access and input relevant information into the system.

For further information or to contribute to this initiative, please contact the administrator.

The legal framework for community forests as set out in Article 22 of the 2002 Forest Code was completed in February 2016. The signature of Ministerial Order 025 on the management of community forests followed a 2014 Presidential Decree 14/018 laying out the process through which these community forests could be applied for by local communities and indigenous people. The legislation is widely considered to be one of the most innovative of its kind in Africa in that it enables communities to manage their forests according to their own custom and in perpetuity - features that are increasingly recognised as being integral to good forest governance.