Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Forest Management Directorate
Community Forestry Division

Community Forest Database

Welcome to the official community forest database of the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing easy access to information on the attribution and management of local community forest concessions (CFCL).

The interactive atlas enables users to access detailed information such as on the geographical location of CFCLs and supporting documents, and to search for CFCLs either by supporting organisation or province.

This database is intended to provide an up to date overview of community forest processes in the country and to support implementation of the national strategy on community forests in accordance with laws and regulations. The legal basis for community forests is established through Article 22 of the 2002 Forest Code, and via decree n°14/018 of 2nd of August 2014 and order n°025 of 9th February 2016 setting out the process for the attribution and management of CFCLs respectively.

For further information or to contribute to this initiative, please contact the Director of Forest Management (DGF) of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.