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Name of the Pilot/CF/Initiative: Motondo
Main community name: Motondo / Makana
CFCL requesting entity: Sector
Province: Nord-Kivu
Territory: Walikale
Sector: Wanianga
Group: Wassa
Villages concerned: --
Community composition --
Population estimate: --
Type of the accompanying structure: NGO
First supporting organisation: SODEPE
Second supporting organisation: FODI
Third supporting organisation: JGI (Jane Goodall Institute)
Current stage of the application: Management
Concession status: Granted
Date of approval: Tue 16 Mar 2021
Source of geographic data:
Requested size (in Hectares): 23642.00

Application Documents

Resource type Filename
Map of the CF (with colour) Carte IFC Motondo.pdf
List of clans, lineages or families Liste toutes les familles, clans.PDF
Letter of request Demade IFC MOTODO.pdf
Minutes of community council PV assemble Com demandant CFCL.PDF

Management Information

Community organisation type: --
Simple Management Plan Approval: --
Evaluation timeline: Year Four
Evaluation date Year 1: --
Evaluation date Year 2: --
Evaluation date Year 3: --
Evaluation date Year 4: --
Evaluation date Year 5: Thu 28 May 2026
CFCL management type: --
CFCL potential exploitation type: --

Operational Information

Resource type Filename
Copy of the award decree Arrêté MOTONDO.pdf