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Name of the Pilot/CF/Initiative: Banamwesi
Main community name: Banamwesi
CFCL requesting entity: Sector
Province: Nord-Kivu
Territory: Walikale
Sector: Wanianga
Group: Wassa
Villages concerned: Banamwesi
Community composition --
Population estimate: --
Type of the accompanying structure: NGO
First supporting organisation: ANAPAC
Second supporting organisation: PIDP
Third supporting organisation: --
Current stage of the application: Public display
Concession status: Application in process
Date of approval: --
Source of geographic data:
Requested size (in Hectares): 12196.04

Application Documents

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Management Information

Community organisation type: --
Simple Management Plan Approval: --
Evaluation timeline: --
Evaluation date Year 1: --
Evaluation date Year 2: --
Evaluation date Year 3: --
Evaluation date Year 4: --
Evaluation date Year 5: Sun 20 Sep 2026
CFCL management type: --
CFCL potential exploitation type: --

Operational Information

No operational documents have been uploaded yet.