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Main community name: Ngelo-Monzoi
Province: Équateur
Territory: Bikoro
Sector: Lac Ntomba
Group: Bonginda
Type of the accompanying structure: NGO
Current stage of the application: --
Name of the accompanying structure: GCE (Go Consious Earth)
Concession status: Granted
Date of approval: Mon 03 Sep 2018
Source of geographic data: --
Requested size (in Hectares): 11461

Application Documents

Resource type Filename
Map of the CF (with colour) Carte Ngelo Monzoi.pdf

Operational Information

Resource type Filename
Copy of the award decree Communauté de Ngelo Monzoi.pdf

Management Information

Community organisation type: --
Simple Management Plan Approval: --
Evaluation Date: --
Evaluation timeline: --
Use of CFCL: --